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8 main reasons

8 main reasons

This is my list of why I will start, and I hope this list will encourage you to start or run. However, keep in mind that the actual list has about 50 reasons, so in an effort to respect our collective ADD advantage in today’s society, I will do it short. Yes, all I use is a blame for our social problem! Hey, if you can’t beat them, join them!Earlier this is a great transition to the first reasons why I go, so without any extra action, pre-game, chat, here is a list:

I’ll let go because it works, unlike any other activity, clears the head. In fact, I think every time I want to “clean my head”, often after a sudden impulse to go running! Although it is funny because it is almost an oxymoron: the clearer my head, the more things I found … mmm … which leads directly to the second reason.

2. Creativity
If you are a creative spirit or want to further develop your creative side, trust me, there is nothing like a good dose of oxygen that would be extracted from your
lung good race along with the release of endorphins that pass through your body. Creative Juice Flowing. Seriously, I wrote this blog in my head in today’s race.
Literally, half of all my business ideas, blog ideas, and exercise videos, and so on. They were created when my legs were burned (with shoes) or my fingers crushed the
sand (I ran barefoot). In my humble opinion, the release of creative juices directly determines the third reason.

3. Spirituality
For me, running is “meditation in motion.” I’ve always been a runner who loved being alone, and when I had a partner who made me feel bad, I wanted to run alone. Just
I understood that I just admire that “me time”. Running has always been my healing time: time to reflect, combine, inspire, rejuvenate, etc. Be warned because the
fourth number is not so spiritual.

In short, running is one of the best ways to stay slim and be bad. “My knees have long gone, I can’t run”. Not so fast, even if your body type or joint problems and
so on. they do not allow you to go on earth, there are many other ways to burn a cat.
Take a look at my blog’s Get In the Water to find out about Aqua Jogging, if you have access to the pool or if you go to the beach and drive in soft sand. If these
options don’t work for you, you can get many of the same benefits of so many other great workouts these days. I was fortunate to have been able to maintain my love
relationship with the race for the past 20 years. Which causes the right in the fifth sense.

I’ll let go because I can! About 20 years ago I was a time when I couldn’t run away, because at that time I was very busy with self-addiction, which has been
interested in me for many years. And then do not sound too cliché here, but it is true that running was really what saved my life, and I, it is my good feeling not to
do it if I really want to influence this life in this world! Having regard to the sixth question.

Do I really have to say something here? Thousands of studies have been conducted to show that only a 30-minute daily dose improves heart health. But specifically,
driving can reduce cholesterol levels, reduce heart rate, improve lung capacity, and help you live longer!

7. humility
There is nothing like a good and complicated career to keep one humble. I think I’m a pretty good person, but I can go around the world any day, and in a few minutes I
remember that physical fitness is definitely not a destination because it is more of a destination. journey No matter how I feel, I’m going fast, I came back to
perspective as soon as I take the pace and feel the breath, because I try to continue working, or when I add some mountains that remind me instantly where my “legs to
ride” really is long or long, soft sand, where I understand how each surface affects my body otherwise. As for the difference, there are eight reasons.

8. Diversity
You don’t want to see the same things twice if you don’t want to; Driving gives you such a breed, whether it is a place, a surface, a training type, and so on.

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