Go for a walk! It fits your heart

Walk o G

Go for a walk! It fits your heart

Go is an internal human function that fulfills many roles. In the first place, it helps to cleanse the mind, to generate thoughts and to calm down. Secondly, it is an excellent exercise that helps to reflect the legs, add additional weight, improve lung ventilation and overall health. It is also an excellent way to reduce the risk of heart disease. It temporarily speeds up the heart rate, increases blood circulation in the body and provides more oxygen to other organs. At the same time, the ability of the lungs to extract oxygen from the air increases, blood pressure decreases, cholesterol and blood sugar levels improve.

Going can help slow down the aging process and it works no matter how old you start. It is a small impact, it does not require any equipment or special ability and can be done at any time of the day and at your own pace. You can also walk without worrying about the risks that are usually associated with some intense exercises.

When we go, we carry our body weight. This is called weighted activity, and some of its advantages are:

Increase in cardiovascular capacity.
Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Improved control of hypertension, diabetes, muscle and joint stiffness.
Better lipid profile.
Greater muscle strength
Reduction of body fat.
You should walk at least 30 minutes per day as quickly as possible to get the overall benefit and heart health. Brilliant means you can still talk, but it can be a little swelling. You do not even need to stop; Three to ten minutes on foot a day will work with the same efficiency. It will help lower blood pressure and strengthen your heart just by walking regularly. So try walking your routine:

Going up the stairs and avoiding the elevator.
Get off at one or two stops before and after your final destination (home or work)
Walk, do not drive in local stores.
Children walk to school
Park the car away from your destination.
As already mentioned, regular walking causes anti-aging processes and helps repair old DNA. To stay motivated, walk with friends or co-workers, walk with your dog or your neighbor’s, join a hiking club, use a pedometer or a telephone program to measure the amount of daily activities and gradually increase. It is recommended to start with 2,000 steps and reach the goal of 5,000 steps. As soon as you reach your desired goal, you can maintain your fitness level or set a goal of 10,000 steps. Remember, even walking a little is good, but more is better.

But first, put your security at the top. If the weather is severe and the streets are slippery, it is better to go to the supermarket, to the long corridors or stairs.

True yoga power


True yoga power

“Yoga – Power of Power”

The word “yoga” means “union” symbol. In Sanskrit, Yoga is the meaning of “joining”. The true concept of yoga is not physical activity, it is the process of connecting the soul with activity. The spiritual strength of the individual can be found for yoga. Yoga root began in the first millennium BC. The benefits of yoga survived. Another yoga word is “yoke”.

Yoga Power:

The combination of physical and mental activity that reaches the inner soul that produces a certain amount of energy is the true concept of yoga. The power of yoga must be known.

Let’s look at the benefits of yoga.

1. To get a better body image: getting inside, when you do yoga, will help you get the best body structure.

2. Eat Carefully: You will get the advantage of feeling what you are eating.

3. Cardiovascular Benefits: Regularly working yoga can help reduce blood and cholesterol pleasure.

4. Weight Control: Yoga is the best way to lose weight.

5. General physical condition: practicing yoga several times a week will help to maintain the overall physical condition very well.

In general, the more you work, the more you get. Yoga covers other assets.

… will help you soothe your mind and teach your body.
… Yoga adapts to everyone, and yoga doesn’t need any special equipment.
… Improves sleep, digestion.
… Increases flexibility, muscle strength and blood flow.
… balance metabolism, help focus and strengthen bones.
Types of Spiritual Yoga:
Law on Pure Potential:

Know who gives us the chance to fulfill any dream. When we are in harmony with nature, we create a connection between our ambitions and our strengths to realize these desires.

Grant and Acceptance Right:

The right of receipt is equal to the right of award. In the universe everything works dynamically. We have no right to stop the flow of nature.

Karma Law:

If you can joyfully engage in any activity, it is karma. If you do this with great effort, just karma, not yoga.

Minimum effort:

You can simply fulfill your desire when your actions are promoted by love, and when you have exhausted the least achievements unrelated to battle. In this way, you will enter an unlimited organizational capacity of the universe so you can do less and achieve everything.

Goal and Desire:

The whole universe is a mixture of energy and information. Both are everywhere. The importance of each intention and desire is a means of its implementation.

Dharma Law:

Everyone in this world has dharma in life. By showing your talents and unique specialties to others, you will gain unlimited love, abundance, confidence and satisfaction with your life.

Hot Flashes

Hot Flashes

What causes hot flashes after eating?

The hottest flashes are the worst.

They can come at any time you least expect. For some women they are so bad that they tend to avoid going out altogether.

But for others, nutrition brings them. And not just certain foods. Quite of any type, each group of foods can cause a certain suffocation reaction.

Power Time becomes a new form of torture.

These women have a lot to do with the hunger diet. Of course, eating in social places becomes limited. But even the food in the home becomes something that should be punished every day.

(And let me tell you that if you try to infuse a few kilos, you are not starving.

So, how would you torture again without heat? And what causes hot flashes after eating?

As the perimenopause decreases the level of female estrogen, its internal thermostat breaks down. Some foods, such as spicy foods, alcohol, and coffee, dilate blood vessels and stimulate the nerve endings that cause heat waves. Dramatic levels of blood sugar after a sweet snack can also cause distraction.

Not everyone will react equally to all foods. However, there are certain foods that can cause hot flashes that others. To relieve symptoms, you will avoid the following foods:

· Alcohol

· Caffeine (especially coffee)

· Sugar surplus

· Refined carbohydrates

· Spicy foods

· Meat (especially red meat)

· Dairy products

Reducing the scale is not as difficult as you might think. This is actually the consumption of proper foods and the use of appropriate supplements to balance the hormones.

In addition, you will want to add many fresh vegetables, fruits and grains to your diet to avoid the foods mentioned above. The phytoestrogens found in the soybean enzyme are also ideal for relieving hot flashes and flax seeds.

During your perimenopause, your estrogen levels begin to decrease. In an ideal world, this decrease is gradual and the symptoms are controlled. Of course, you may experience a heat wave due to decreased levels of estrogen, but they can not do anything.

Woefully for most of us this isnt the matter. The symptoms that we experience during the perimenopausal year can be many and quite serious. Some women go through the ages before menopause because their hormones are falling and fluctuating.

Because it is this

A combination of factors. Women today experience more toxins and more stress than ever before. These toxins or xenohormones, as they are called, have a negative effect on our hormones, as does stress. These two factors and a poor diet can make our estrogen and our progesterone levels real.

The good news is that changing your diet, reducing the effects of toxic hormones and controlling your stress can cause fewer perimenopause symptoms. Even some supplements can have a positive effect and help reduce your worst hot flashes.

Dengue fever

Dengue fever

Symptoms, treatment and prevention of dengue fever

Dengue fever is an agonizing and ineffective infection of the mosquito caused by any of the four infections strongly related to dengue. These infections are identified with

Infections that cause contamination of the West of the Nile and yellow fever.

Each year, 390 million dengue diseases can occur worldwide, approximately 96 million. Disease Most cases occur in tropical regions of the world,

The greatest danger is:

Indian subcontinent

Southeast Asia

South China


Pacific Islands

Caribbean (except Cuba and the Cayman Islands)



Focus and South America (except Chile, Paraguay and Argentina)

In most cases, the United States succeeds people who are infected abroad. In any case, the danger extends to living people.

along the Texas-Mexico border and parts of South America. 2009 Key West, Fla, was recognized as a dengue episode.

Dengue fever is transmitted from Aedes mosquitoes, covered by dengue infection. The end of mosquitoes is noticeably contaminated when it shrinks.

Dengue infection It can not extend from one individual to another.

Dengue fever

Descriptions that usually start four to six days after contamination and last up to 10 days.

Sudden fever

Severe cerebral pains

Anger through the eyes.

Severe torture of joints and muscles.


The illness


Skin rash that appears between two and five days after the onset of fever.

Soft matrices (such as nasal leaks, drainage or simple lesions)

Part of the time, the indications are soft and can be mixed with this season’s cold virus or other viral contamination. Younger children and individuals

Those who have never been contaminated tend to have milder cases than younger adults and more experienced adults. Either way, it can have big problems.

They are covered with hemorrhagic fever, rare weakness, as evidenced by high fever, lymphatic and vein damage, nose and gums.

Frustration of the liver and circulatory system. Expressions can reach an enormous, shocking and close death. This is called dysphagia


It is recognized that people with a weak security system, as well as those who have suffered dysentery, are at greater risk due to the appearance of the cover.

hemorrhagic fever.

What is typhoid fever?

Typhoid Fever

What is typhoid fever?

Cancer is an acute infectious disease associated with fever, most often caused by the bacterium Salmonella typhi. It can also cause Salmonella paratyphi, a related bacteria that usually causes a less serious illness. The human carrier transports bacteria through the contamination of feces in water or food and then transmits them to other people in the area. Cancer is rare in industrialized countries, but public health remains a major issue in developing countries.

How do you contact typhoid fever?
The fever of half the fever is contracted due to the ingestion of contaminated food or bacteria. Patients with acute diseases can contaminate the surrounding water supply in feces with high levels of bacteria. Water contamination can damage the food supply. After an acute illness, about 3% to 5% of patients become carriers of bacteria. Bacteria can survive for weeks in water or dry water. These chronic carriers may not have symptoms and may be the source of new laxative outbreaks for many years.

What causes typhoid fever?
After eating contaminated food or water, the Salmonella bacteria invade the small intestine and temporarily enter the bloodstream. White blood cells carry bacteria to the liver, spleen and bone marrow. Bacteria multiply in the cells of these organs and re-enter the bloodstream. Patients have symptoms, including fever, when the body recovers from the blood. Bacteria invade the gallbladder, biliary system and intestinal lymphatic tissue. Here they multiply. The bacteria enter the intestinal tract and can be detected by a stool culture tested in the laboratory. Stool cultures are susceptible to the early and late stages of the disease, but often need to be complemented with blood cultures to detect a specific diagnosis.

How is typhoid fever diagnosed?
Laboratory tests for confirmation of heat in the lymph are cultures of bone marrow, blood and feces (reliability). Unfortunately, these tests, ie the sample of bone marrow, blood or feces and culture in the laboratory for a few days are invasive, expensive, in many hospitals are not easily accessible and the result may take several days.

Simple blood tests that detect antibodies against S. typhi, (known) Widal spread, are not very useful because they can become positive after several days of illness, they can be negative even if you have a disease and are often positive. You do not have this disease!

This is because it can be positive even with other infections or previous infections, and the result is very different between different laboratories, so only comparing the samples taken in the range of 7-14 days is the certainty of the diagnosis.

Myths about typhoid fever.
Myth: You can know if someone is infected.
Fact: Someone may appear healthy and may still be infected.
Myth: There is no disease when you start to feel better.
Fact: You can still be infected even if you feel better.
Myth: I am immune to the disease because I had a typhoid vaccine.
Fact: The jaw will not give 100% immunity, so it’s important to stay alert.

What are the intimations and hints of typhoid fever?
The incubation period is usually one to two weeks, and the duration of the disease is approximately 4-6 weeks.
• little appetite
• abdominal pain
• headache
• generalized pain and pain
• High fever often up to (39-40) ° C
• Drowsiness (usually only if it is not treated)
• intestinal hemorrhage or perforation (after 2-3 weeks of illness);
• diarrhea
• constipation

People with typhoid fever usually have 39 ° C to 40 ° C. Fever develops in many patients, abdominal pain and discomfort are common. The fever becomes constant. The improvement occurs in the third and fourth weeks in those without complications.

Is it possible to prevent laxatives?
• Wash your hands entirely by soap and water. This is especially important after the bath and for anyone who prepares food.
• Boil drinking water. It should boil for at least 1 minute to kill the bacteria.
• Bake with boiling water and rinse fruits and vegetables with cold boiled water.

Sanitation and hygiene are important to prevent typhoid fever. Cancer does not affect animals except humans. Cancer can only be spread in an environment where human feces can come into contact with food or drinking water. Careful preparation of food and hand washing are essential to avoid.

In order to reduce the prevalence of typhoid fever in developing countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been working since 1999 to reduce the prevalence of typhus. Approved use of vaccination program. major illnesses. It is also important that it is also very profitable. Vaccination prices are usually low because the price is low. Communities affected by poverty are more likely to use vaccines. Although the antipyretic vaccine has been shown to be effective, it cannot by itself eliminate typhoid fever. Using the vaccine with increased public health efforts is the only proven way to control this disease.

What is laxative treatment and what is the prognosis?
High fever is treated with antibiotics that kill Salmonella bacteria. Before antibiotics were used, the mortality rate was 20%. The cause of death was a major infection, pneumonia, intestinal bleeding or intestinal perforation. With antibiotics and supportive care, mortality decreased to 1% -2%. The use of appropriate antibiotic treatment usually improves within one or two days and recovers in seventy days.

Update your immunization, follow standard hygiene measures, and use only trusted healthcare providers. If you suspect typhoid fever after an extended period of time or if symptoms persist, contact your doctor and ask your doctor for more information.

Kidney Disease


Kidney Disease: More Than You Think

He must have heard of chronic kidney disease, which takes the lives of many people around him. The title is not so unknown or not? Terms such as kidney transplantation, dialysis, kidney failure have become common in the medical field, and many people have problems for many reasons that can be explained and unexplained. But the most important thing is that you need to know what really causes kidney disease and what to do if diagnosed.

So let’s start with the basic idea of ??chronic kidney disease, followed by its symptoms and ultimately the treatment. Now, if you didn’t know, your kidneys play a very important role in your body. They are at the end of the abdominal cavity and their function is to remove unwanted toxins, balance chemical neutrality (acid-base balance) and filter blood plasma (through main processes such as Filtration, reabsorption, secretion). and excretion). The nephrons in the kidneys are basically those who perform these works, and therefore this organ is vital.

There are times when your kidneys can’t do the best and there are reasons why this happens. Diseases such as Diabetes and high blood pressure are more likely to interfere with kidney function. This also happens if you experience a past urinary tract infection (UTI). Some other problems, such as heart attack, are also sometimes responsible for this. In summary, it is about the way of life that you are guiding and how it affects not one but different systems of your body.

Let’s see how you can really find out if you have chronic kidney disease by understanding these symptoms.

In the first days you may notice:

• Loss of appetite

• nausea

• vomiting

• Change of urination

• Muscle cramps

Although you may find that there are acute:

• Diarrhea

• Back pain

• Swelling of the legs and ankles.

• Fatigue

• hypertension

• chest pain

Although these symptoms may recur with other diseases, we recommend that you visit a doctor to treat chronic kidney disease as this may be due to the same problem. The fact that your kidney health depends on your lifestyle in general becomes a fundamental understanding of the fragility of the situation.

Although chronic kidney disease has several treatments that guarantee a successful cure, chances are that it will appear deadly and will take away life when it is expected to be the lowest. So, first of all, the treatment option you can start is to control blood pressure, eat healthy and follow a lifestyle that in no way puts stress on your body.

You can also eat lots of potassium-rich foods such as spinach, bananas and yogurt.

Chronic kidney disease (at its last stage) has only variants such as kidney transplantation or dialysis as a chance to survive, although there is no guarantee that it will be successful and, in fact, it may lose its life.

It is therefore important that you look at your lifestyle and make sure that you do not harm your kidney health for the benefit of your life. Chronic kidney disease nowadays becomes more widespread due to lifestyle changes that people have adapted to emphasize their body and it is important that they learn about how it ultimately affects their health.

Stressful Anxiety

Stressful anxiety

Stressful anxiety

Get two sandwiches quickly. Arish said that he was very hungry at the time of midnight 12.30 am and we have gone to hotel to remove our night requirements, it was a warm summer night and the place was full because it was Ramadan. They came to the sandwich before the time came for Suhoor (Islamic term food to eat before fasting). I saw a lot of people going to the counter, Arish already settled in the corner corner. When I started walking on the counter, I could feel my heart racing, now I was in the queue of two guys, suddenly felt self-consciousness, and I was overcome by fear, previously worried, but nothing like that. Like all the eyes on me, I kept in mind that my thoughts distracted myself, but I didn’t help, and when my turn was in line, the words didn’t leave my mouth. I looked at the boy for a fight until he asked me more than I wanted to. I knew what I wanted, it was nothing new, I was in this place a million times before. The air conditioner worked fine but very sweaty. I turned around and walked back to where Arish was sitting. I broke my promise of silence, saying to him that I cannot order aloud. It was good when we arrived, but here I was scared. I could feel that my heart was bunching in my chest as my heart burst. Arish tried to calm me, but I couldn’t say or do anything to convince me to come back. Excited and confused, he rose and ordered. Where did these feelings come from? Why is he so worried and why does he panic? The panic attack lasted about five minutes, but these five minutes looked like eternity. Arish returned and tried to calm me down. I wanted to leave, but he demanded to stay. At the end of the panic attack, I felt exhausted and numb. Traveling at home was uncomfortable and, on the way, I felt uncomfortable. Will it ever improve? Why can’t I be like all the other youngsters? My thoughts were as disoriented as I was.

Nasty Sisters:

Not surprisingly, I had social anxiety with panic disorder. But I never had them. So why now? The answer I found was heavy enough to digest. My depression was the culprit. Depression has caused anxiety disorder. But can one have more than one disorder? Well, the answer is bright big yes! In fact, it is quite common for people suffering from one of the two conditions to develop another. I was surprised to find that there is even a medical term for this phenomenon. When a person has more than one disorder, it is called “comorbidity”. Comorbidity is best described as a disease or condition that is the result of a primary disease or is strongly associated with it. In my case, depression was the primary disease and anxiety was his incidence. The connection between anxiety and depression is complex, but simply anxiety is the belief that everything can go wrong and worsen the future; it is accompanied by the activation of feelings and sensations, and depression is the belief that nothing will be good and that feelings will continue from despair and uselessness. Both have different results, but they act on the same neurotransmitters, so they produce an almost identical pattern of thought. Sometimes they even have the same physical symptoms. This is the reason why I like to call them ugly sisters because it is likely that after one visit to another.

Is there a cure?

The good thing about these nasty sisters is that both are incredibly treated, and if we want to commit to effective treatment, the likelihood of these two options occurring may be reduced. If you are anxious, depressed or both you know, they can cure and you can also find relief. I overcame my anxiety when I undertook to find treatment for depression and got the right help. If anxiety has taken over your life, you can always change it to find the right medical help. Remember, there is no need for shame when you need help when you need it. We are all inclined to health and can experience one of our moments of life. Your mental health is as important as your physical health, and if I can defeat the unsightly sister, you can.



Where is the rage ?

Our psyche deepens logic and common sense and takes over our brain. We all felt, and sometimes it started with fear or jealousy. If it is allowed to intensify, it becomes anger that can lead to death, suicide, or both. Recently, in many cases, this scenario is important to understand how and why it happens.

In most of these cases, the end result is revenge. The emotions that cause this are the sensation of losing the crime and the feeling of hatred.

Last month in Australia, we saw grandfather murder his entire family before committing suicide. Seven people of all, including wife, daughter and four grandchildren. Although this shook the nation, the father who killed his two teenage children before turning his gun.

Both cases were followed by custody in a court where two men lost. But his anger continued to months of planning. In the case of his father, he joined the shooting club to obtain a license to acquire weapons. It took weeks or even months.

There were other signs for Grandpa because he became violent when the end was over. The outcome of the trial may have been unrelated to his final document, but there is evidence that jealousy or fear is planned.

Another case is the recent newspaper Gazda Gazette Annapolis (USA). This involved the death of five people, but the shooter survived and was arrested. He committed a business after the court could not get compensation.

There are many murders not related to the results of the trial, for example, when a partner is killed by his previous or current lover. The causes are not always clear, but many are motivated by jealousy and / or fear, especially if the relationship is divided.

The question is how to avoid being killed or killed? Each case is different and each result is equally unpredictable. However, women are more vulnerable because they are weaker than both. Therefore, the response should be reflected in the characters shown.

It is likely that someone who plans such a result has mood swings and other things that indicate a change in their thinking. While it is not possible to give positive answers, the best approach is to encourage a person to think about what is happening instead of acting because the force in him stops the mind and logic.



Anxiety – Types, Causes and Treatment

We all feel anxious at some point, whether you feel uncomfortable, nervous or tense. It is quite natural to feel restless and, in fact, to some extent, it can have good results, such as toning a big game or raising awareness of a conversation or exam.

However, some forms of anxiety are not as healthy as others. If you get up before the exam, it may be helpful. However, if you can’t sleep well at night or start deep sweating and feel nausea when you enter the exam room, this is a more serious anxiety attack and, if you find that it is part of a permanent model, you should look for help,


Our response to stress is a built-in survival mechanism that initially allowed us to act instantly when there is a threat to life. To get ready for action, the heartbeat is getting stronger so that the blood is pumped into all the muscles and the blood pressure increases.

After the measures are taken and after the end of the danger or after solving the problem, the body relaxes and returns to its normal position. However, when the threat is small and uninterrupted, as is usual in emotionally stressful situations of modern life, it is often not possible to take direct action to solve the problem, and the body will experience the effects of long-term stress. Secondary symptoms may occur; These may include rashes, spots, weight problems (low or overweight). Surprisingly, those who suffer from anxiety may also experience an increase in aggression or counter-effects, completely suppressing, canceling, and even greatly suppressing.


Anxiety in many forms. Some of them have obvious reasons, such as fear dogs that have been clogged or scared by a child. Other forms are not so clear and may include anxiety about relationships that may make you sexually unable or cold. Sometimes anxiety is a nonspecific form, such as a sudden and unexplained panic on the way to the office or a feeling of total hopelessness in the world (called “suffering”).


There are two main theories about the cause of anxiety. The first feels that this is a personality disorder that prevents our psychological defense from acting as it should. In other words, instead of recognizing and treating anxiety symptoms, the patient turns symptoms into a model that is often harmful.

The second theory states that some physical functions, especially nervous system failure. This may be due to chemical imbalances in the body. The proponents of this theory believe that these “dysfunctions” can be cured by effective and painless pharmacological treatment.

Third, some theorists argue that the causes of the problem are much simpler than any of these facts, that is simply the result of modern life: the general loss of social and ethical values ??and the response to the conditions in which we do not think we have anything. controls.


One can try to cope with anxiety independently. The first thing you should do is recognize and accept the symptoms and try to discover and solve the causes.

However, if this self-help process is not enough, and even with family and friends, it is better to consult a doctor. Your doctor may refer you to a psychotherapist who will help you discover and solve the causes. This treatment can be done in separate sessions or in other anxiety patients in psychotherapy.

Many doctors offer alternative therapies, most of them to help you relax and gain greater awareness. It can be yoga, breathing exercises, biofedback or even meditation.

Don’t suggest poisonous shampoos and foods

Poisonous Food

Don’t suggest poisonous shampoos and foods

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t always mean eating our vegetables. Today’s world is breaking our toxins every day because we are surrounded by pollution. Toxic waves from our mobile phones and microwave ovens, oil spills that destroy the oceans, the use of aluminum oxide in the sky, poisonous poison in our genetically modified foods, and even toxins in our makeup and soap. All this harmed us every day.

They cannot be avoided, but we need to know what we are putting on the skin, hair and mouth. The protection against these harmful toxins is caused by vitamins, herbs and herbal substances.

For example, some shampoos contain a toxin called sodium lauryl sulfate. For this reason, the shampoo foam is mixed with water, but it is also a degreasing agent, so the fat is easily cleaned by washing your hands with soap. The problem is that after placing this hair, it enters the bloodstream through the skin. When it is in your bloodstream, it circulates into your organs and increases its toxicity. This can cause eye irritation, affect the reproductive system and cause cell mutations.

Your skin protects your body because, when toxins are absorbed by the skin, they bypass the liver, get directly into the blood and tissues. It is also likely that you are also using a shampoo in a hot shower that has opened all pores of your skin and is more easily absorbed.

By eating toxic foods, our body’s natural protective measures can help break down some of the toxin. Saliva and stomach enzymes break down and leave them in the toilet through the liver and kidneys, but when something gets through the skin, it doesn’t happen, so your shampoo can poison your body.

There may be problems with natural shampoos, as they usually leave hair on the hair that may seem dull and feel dirt. In addition, they do not always have a balanced pH as you think they can damage the ends and they are not foam, so it doesn’t feel as if they were properly cleaned.

Some shampoos and cosmetics can be called dioxane, which may be related to breast cancer. Diethanolamine or DEA is another ingredient in shampoos and some cosmetics that is often not safe. Reacts with preservatives and creates nitrosodiethanolamine, also known as cancer. This can prevent you from absorbing choline, which is one of the B brain important for brain development and pregnancy. Parabens, which are also found in shampoos, can affect your hormones that support and regulate all of your body’s functions. Parabens are often disguised as propylparaben, parahydroxybenzoic acid, propyl parahydroxybenzoic acid, and several other names that end with the words benzoic acid or paraben, so start reading labels to see what your shampoo is.

The other poison we can put in our mouth is called MSG, which is usually found in soups, sauces and other packaged foods. It can also be in your shampoo, hidden in the form of glutamic acid or amino acid. It is also possible to add anti-freeze, tire sealants, paint and varnish propylene glycol as it acts as a solvent. It can irritate the skin and affect the liver and kidneys. Some of these side effects, such as headache, dizziness, nausea, somnolence, and some extreme cases, may cause these poisoning.

That’s why your shampoo, soap, or supposedly harmless detergent from a shopping center may not be as harmless as it seems. Start by reading labels and taking vitamins, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, drinking enough clean and filtered water, eating three fruits and three vegetables a day, and at least one protein portion. If you do not protect against these substances that pollute our world, it may be too late for one day, and you will need to take a lot of prescription drugs for the diseases that such toxins and our contaminated food and air have given you.