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Fitness Alert: Amount of water is too much water?

Last summer, I was not surprised to learn that a ten-year-old boy had drowned. Unfortunately, this happens all the time during the hot months. The children will swim and find themselves above their heads. Moreover, this kid did not drown during swim. In fact, it wasn’t near a pool, a lake, an ocean or a swimming hole. He drowned in the hospital because he went swimming in a pool earlier in the day and drank too much water. Similarly, a woman in her 30s died shortly after participating in a radio contest. The winner was the person who drank the most water.

People have always said: “Drink more water, it’s good for you.” It is, but not in excess. It is a lesson I learned through the bad. Several months ago I went to the hospital. I was having trouble breathing and I thought maybe I had a heart attack or a panic attack. Instead, my problem was too much water in my body. This explained why he was overweight and, despite a stable diet, could not maintain weight when he could lose it. How much water was in my body? I was in the hospital for a week and after receiving water reduction pills twice a day, I weighed almost four pounds less than when I entered.

After this experience, I had to continue taking the pills to reduce the amount of water and it was easier to diet and maintain weight. The key was to reduce salt. Salt (sodium) allows the body to retain water. Unfortunately, salt is present in almost everything we eat, even in sugar. The answer for me was a heart-healthy diet. I started using salt substitutes and finally cut them. The result was better than expected. For the first time, I could enjoy the true taste of meat, chicken and vegetables. I was amazed and delighted.

After giving up salt for a while, taste it immediately when you eat something seasoned. I was very careful when I bought processed foods. I also learned a lot. The usual suspects, such as hot dogs, bacon, pizzas and sausages, are loaded with sodium. Breakfast cereals, margarine, most drinks, some sweets, many dietary foods, sugar, condiments, frozen foods, canned soups, smoked meats and cold meats contain too much food. salt unless available in low sodium form.

Despite the need for doctors and dietitians to classify people, we know our body better than anyone. That is why we have to decide how much or how little food or drink we consume. The key is to be honest with ourselves. To lose weight, some people need to eat less, others much less. Eating too little triggers a hunger program in our body that makes weight loss difficult, so this is not an option. To lose weight in the water and excess fluid in our body, we must limit our sodium intake and be careful not to get too hydrated.

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