Why a correct adjustment of the shoe is important

Why a correct adjustment of the shoe is important

Most likely, you know the size of your shoe or, hopefully, you know it. The correct size is the key to the maximum comfort of your feet. After all, you do not want shoes that are too small or so big that your shoes slip easily.

However, you may not be able to find the right shoe for your foot only by its size. If you have abnormally shaped or unusual feet, be aware that a simple size will not guarantee a comfortable fit. For example, your feet may be narrow and “swim” in a standard size shoe or your foot is wide and should be wider than a traditional shoe.

In addition to comfort, why is the correct size important? Here are some reasons not to try to put your foot in a nice apartment or just wear loose shoes:

Constant and unpleasant wear. In addition to being uncomfortable to wear, poorly fitting shoes can also make walking unbearable and embarrassing. Always having to stop and put his foot back in his shoes or the need to stop constantly to rest his swollen and painful feet with tight shoes makes the task difficult. The constant fear that your shoes will fall or annoy you can be annoying and prevent you from enjoying the moment.

When your feet hurt, you are less motivated to use them, which can decrease your desire and your ability to exercise and take care of the rest of your body.

Increased risk of foot problems. Light bulbs are not fun and, depending on their size and location, can make movement difficult. Excessive rubbing of baggy shoes and tight shoes with a slight adjustment may cause additional foot problems, such as corns, onions and ingrown toenails. Foot problems are not only painful and annoying, they can also interfere with your feet and improve the self-awareness of some people.

Foot problems associated with poorly fitting shoes can also cause back, hip, knee and ankle problems, which can lead to decreased mobility and quality of life.

Points to keep in mind when buying shoes

Although buying shoes may seem like a simple event, it’s worth remembering that our feet change over time. Foot specialists recommend measuring your feet once a year. Certain life events, such as having children and growing old, can widen, lengthen or shorten the feet. For many people, there is usually one foot longer than the other. When buying shoes, plan your trip later in the day when the swelling of your feet has lessened. It is estimated that the feet swell by 10 to 15% during the day and the largest swelling occurs at noon, when you are probably more upright.

Different shoe manufacturers design and design their shoes differently. The fit of each pair of shoes can also be very different. It is not uncommon to find one size in a shoe brand and a different size in another. It is important to spend time trying different manufacturers shoes to get an idea of ​​the suitability of each pair to your feet.

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