How to enjoy a sick day

How to enjoy a sick day

Being sick can be a difficult time. You may not want to do much during a sick day, but some activities can help you get the most out of it. A day off can be an extraordinary chance to unwind and concentrate on your wellbeing.  Take the day for yourself and focus on the things you love when you recover from your illness.

Enjoy your sick day

Meditating It has been clinically proven that meditation reduces stress and anxiety, which can lead to an improvement in the health and functioning of the immune system. If you feel good enough, try a good meditation session and enjoy the benefits it can bring. Here are some basic approaches to begin:

Take a deep breath and concentrate on these breaths. If your mind wanders, focus on your breath again.

Examine your body and see how each part feels. If you find areas of discomfort or tension, you can imagine that they are starting to feel more relaxed.

Read or listen to an important passage, poem or lyrics of the song. Take a few minutes to think about what this means to you.

Laugh Even if you’re not feeling well, laughing a little can help strengthen your immune system and make you feel better. Laughter has been shown to reduce stress levels and increase the natural killer cells in your body that were fighting the invasion cells.

Watch your funny movie or your favorite TV show.

Listen to a comedy show or your favorite podcast.

Read a book that always makes you laugh.

Talk to a friend or loved one. Use some of your free time to call someone you want to chat with. It has been shown that having a good conversation with a friend or family member increases oxytocin levels, which can promote healing and well-being.

Do something that you like. Take time for yourself during your sick day and do a light activity that you like. This can help you to not think about illness and improve your mood. Try some of the following examples to make your sick leave enjoyable:

Listen to music.

Play a board game or a video.

Make your craft or favorite art if you feel good enough.

Plan future vacations.

Do light exercises. If you have a cold, you can try exercising during your sick day. Listen to what your body tells you if you exercise. Do not do it anymore and stop if you feel worse.

Light exercise can relieve some symptoms such as congestion.

Exercise is acceptable if your only symptoms are runny nose, congestion or sneezing.

Do not exercise if you experience chest symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, fever, or muscle aches.Stop immediately if you start to feel worse.

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