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Advantages of nutrition-supported detoxification nad therapy

Advantages of nutrition-supported detoxification therapy

Addiction is a serious brain disorder. It can spoil all aspects of human life. Therefore, the decision to be sober is a change of life. In general, the first step in treating addiction is detoxification. Nutritional aid for detoxification (NAD) is one of the popularization processes.

NAD therapy includes mind and body supplementation with trace elements, amino acids, minerals and vitamins by intravenous infusion every day. It helps to reduce the pain caused by painful and unbearable recurrence and to regulate mood and mental clarity.

In some cases, withdrawal symptoms may be complex and life-threatening. Through careful monitoring of NAD, many patients get enough relief and a sense of common well-being. In addition, NAD therapy helps patients recover from malnutrition, which is a side effect.

NAD helps patients to naturally detoxify alcohol or addictive drugs, effectively taking care of the symptoms of agonizing abstinence. It is a natural process that does not require the use of opioid blocking drugs or general anesthesia. Instead, it uses NAD supplements.

With NAD therapy, drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms are reduced by 50-60% in the first three days, and by 70-80% in the fourth day. Intravenous infusion is given for 3 to 14 days followed by an oral dose. Treatment is provided in several available detoxification centers.

What to expect from NAD therapy

NAD combines the restoration of neurotransmitters and the dinucleotide adenine nicotinamide so that patients can pass through the phase of discontinuation. A combination of many diets used to produce coenzyme adenosine triphosphate, a cellular energy molecule. Treatment accelerates the healing process by filling the brain and body with essential nutrients.

Some of the benefits of NAD treatment are:

A person can feel less anxious, depressed, and tired through the natural intravenous detoxification process and brain regeneration, the classic symptoms of permanent substance abuse.
NAD significantly reduces painful symptoms of recurrence, which increases the chance of recovery and reduces the chance of relapse.
Having reached full brain regeneration, NAD reduces the craving for alcohol or drugs.
NAD helps a person restore normal brain chemistry that existed before using materials.
This leads to better stress management and better thought process. This can help the patient develop essential crash skills.
Pharmaceuticals are also available when needed.
Patients in certified centers are advised to choose reliable detoxification programs. The process is conducted in strict accordance with the multidisciplinary team, which is available 24 hours a day. Some people choose to self-detoxify themselves without understanding its consequences, which endangers their chances of long-term recovery.

Do not hesitate to ask for help.

As part of the NAD program, a team of doctors, nurses and other support staff administer the intravenous infusion closely with each other. Confidentiality, security, treatment and comfort are key goals of NAD. The infusion is usually given daily. As soon as you start, try to relax the patients with bedding and proper food. Some detox centers even offer private rooms with a personal computer and Wi-Fi.

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