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The best heart rate without fat

The best heart rate without fat

Research has shown that at least 30 minutes of 5 days a week are the most useful results. The problem is that the exercises can include a variety of activities if your heart rate rises to your age level and you will stay at that level in most exercise periods.

So what cardiovascular activity should I do?

It’s an interesting part: almost everything is as long as it is safe and meets the criteria to increase heart rate. I like mixing, walking one day fast with jogging in the park, another folk dance class, and so on. The simplest routine is one that is also very effective: just go on foot, hands that pump at a sufficient pace will give a low-impact route to remove excess fat from your body. It is very important to keep boredom and keep getting a little more. For these reasons, I advocate a class or a new hobby that is both physical and fun. Some ideas include:

Cycling Sport
All kinds of dance.
Water skiing

Opportunities are just endless and half of the joy comes from new skills that in turn increase your confidence. Ideally, share your workout in four or five sessions with one or two for your new hobby or sports week. Create an exercise plan for 4 weeks in the exercise journal. It is a time when our body really absorbs and begins to feel the benefits of new healthy habits.

Create a comment section to record your comments on how the workout was. Here you can really work to increase your motivation, worship yourself when you need it, and pay close attention to how you felt about your session.

Was it fun? Easier than the last time? A little more than you expected? Write down everything and start seeing it in the coming weeks. You can also create a space where you can offer corrections to yourself or just write down what specific exercises are right for you.

Remember that it is the responsibility of your body to take responsibility, and the more you do it, the stronger your motivation will be to make the right thing for yourself.

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