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What causes hot flashes after eating?

What causes hot flashes after eating?

The hottest flashes are the worst.

They can come at any time you least expect. For some women they are so bad that they tend to avoid going out altogether.

But for others, nutrition brings them. And not just certain foods. Quite of any type, each group of foods can cause a certain suffocation reaction.

Power Time becomes a new form of torture.

These women have a lot to do with the hunger diet. Of course, eating in social places becomes limited. But even the food in the home becomes something that should be
punished every day.

(And let me tell you that if you try to infuse a few kilos, you are not starving.

So, how would you torture again without heat? And what causes hot flashes after eating?

As the perimenopause decreases the level of female estrogen, its internal thermostat breaks down. Some foods, such as spicy foods, alcohol, and coffee, dilate blood
vessels and stimulate the nerve endings that cause heat waves. Dramatic levels of blood sugar after a sweet snack can also cause distraction.

Not everyone will react equally to all foods. However, there are certain foods that can cause hot flashes that others. To relieve symptoms, you will avoid the
following foods:

· Alcohol

· Caffeine (especially coffee)

· Sugar surplus

· Refined carbohydrates

· Spicy foods

· Meat (especially red meat)

· Dairy products

Reducing the scale is not as difficult as you might think. This is actually the consumption of proper foods and the use of appropriate supplements to balance the

In addition, you will want to add many fresh vegetables, fruits and grains to your diet to avoid the foods mentioned above. The phytoestrogens found in the soybean
enzyme are also ideal for relieving hot flashes and flax seeds.

During your perimenopause, your estrogen levels begin to decrease. In an ideal world, this decrease is gradual and the symptoms are controlled. Of course, you may
experience a heat wave due to decreased levels of estrogen, but they can not do anything.

Woefully for most of us this isnt the matter. The symptoms that we experience during the perimenopausal year can be many and quite serious. Some women go through the
ages before menopause because their hormones are falling and fluctuating.

Because it is this

A combination of factors. Women today experience more toxins and more stress than ever before. These toxins or xenohormones, as they are called, have a negative effect
on our hormones, as does stress. These two factors and a poor diet can make our estrogen and our progesterone levels real.

The good news is that changing your diet, reducing the effects of toxic hormones and controlling your stress can cause fewer perimenopause symptoms. Even some
supplements can have a positive effect and help reduce your worst hot flashes.

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