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Causes of thyroid problems.

Causes of thyroid problems.

You will feel deeply that the health problems you experience may be related to an overactive or inactive thyroid system. The thyroid gland is an endocrine gland in the shape of a butterfly that faces the neck.

Although we, as people, tend to overload health problems, we can also see what they are and act to remedy the root cause. This main cause is too many toxins, not enough to be treated.

Whether you are exposed to mold toxins, nutrient deficiency (our main soil is practically depleted in the United States, making it difficult to obtain vitamins and minerals from the food you eat), heavy metals from amalgam fillings, chlorinated water daily or even fluoridated. The supply, as well as commercial cosmetics, deodorants and soaps are difficult for the body to manage stress over time.

So what it means is that the thyroid is likely to be challenged with toxins and / or not get the proper nutrition needed to function optimally.

What is the purpose of thyroid health?

The goal is to eliminate stressors, cleanse the body and restore the essential nutrients needed for work.

What happens then?

The body has a super intelligence and will begin to perform its miracles because it has been given the environment to flourish.

So, how can you do that?

You start by cleaning your colon first.

Open the main firewall to eliminate toxins.

If the colon is connected to an undigested food and during the mismatch, the processed food and the GMO do not feel safe to release the toxins.

These toxins are stored in the fat and provide a protective layer or layers of fat for the organs to be safe.

You can then cleanse your kidneys using certain herbs that help clean stones, cysts and other particles, such as heavy metals. You may need to make several rounds of these herbs to get this elimination channel and be strong.

Now is the time to adjust the liver. The liver is responsible for the filtration of toxins and the production of hormones. If this filter is clogged with bacteria, yeast, stones and parasites, the body can not function properly.

Think of your bodily fluids. Would you like them to be like a dark and stagnant pond or a crystal stream that glides smoothly in every part of your body, including the thyroid? Using a healthy lymphatic system, vital minerals can be transported to the organs that need them most, and intestinal bacteria are balanced so that your immune system is strong.

This is the main cleaning protocol, but you can get more progress with the cleaning of parasites and the cleaning of heavy metals.

Finally, you want to feed your thyroid with specific minerals that work together to ensure that hormone conversion can occur.

Now you are trained with the knowledge you need to change thyroid problems.

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