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Do you wash your hands?

Do you wash your hands?

Caring for hand hygiene is the first step to a healthy one. This helps to prevent the spread of microbes. Hygiene and sanitation help us create good living habits. These habits are beneficial to our health. We need to keep our house, the environment, the city clean. It all starts with personal hygiene.

Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is very important for good health. Hand washing is the first step. Most infections through our body only come through our hand. From morning to evening our hand face many things. We touch doors, knobs, buttons, taps, sinks, brushes, cups, glasses, dishes, drawers, cars, bicycles, tickets, coins, items stored on supermarket shelves, cutlery, accelerators, stairs, public places and many more. similar things. Think about how much you play all day. We are dealing with many internal and external infections.

Hand washing should be a constant habit of staying away from infections. Microbes are everywhere, but you can’t see them. The cleanliness of our hand is the first step we can take to prevent the disease.

When to wash your hand

After dish cloth or cleaning cloths.
After you have brought vegetables and fruits out of the market.
Before, during and after cooking.
When children return after the game.
After playing with animals.
Treating animals and animal waste.
After using the bathroom.
Changing the diaper.
After wound treatment.
After handling and touching dirty clothes.
After dust, sweep and grind the house.
After sneezing and coughing.
Touching insecticidal sprays.
Emptying or cleaning containers.
After using public toilets.
After handling accounts and coins.
Touching doors, chairs, tables, handles, switches in restaurants, supermarkets and so on.
After visiting hospitals, clinic.
After help for patients.
After a visit to the gym or fitness club.
After using the pool
Do not underestimate or ignore this simple hand washing behavior. Children usually spend this basic habit, it is our duty to explain the importance of hand washing.

Wash Your Hands is also a popular English kindergarten. To wash your hands, we should –

Use soap and water
use liquid soaps
Use a hand cleaning device
Wash hands and wash thoroughly with soap and water. Good hand hygiene is in our own hands.

Precaution is better than cure is a well-known saying, and hand washing is one of the precautions that can lead to better health and hygiene.

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