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Fatigue – Powerful natural remedies

Fatigue – Powerful natural remedies!

Nowhere is it true that the mind and body are clearer than chronic fatigue. Temporary fatigue is easy to trace to lost night’s sleep, unusual physical work, etc. Chronic fatigue is not just a matter of body wear. How many people know that they constantly complain about fatigue, even if their normal workday is not too big? How many times did you get wasted when you were less physically active than usual? The mind and the body require activity, and the attention to a person without the use of others can lead to exploitation on both sides. I knew some people who supported a well-balanced program of mental and physical activity that experienced chronic fatigue.

As in all other cases, the sanatorium was treated for the first time with a natural life program. The air, the sun, the water and the earth can never be lost in the natural health program. Fatigue is more common among people who fall asleep. Late stops are frequent victims of chronic fatigue. The internal workers and the liver complain of a constant lack of energy. And starchy diets often withstand this condition. The sanatorium course eliminated all these things from fatigue, emphasizing early bedding habits, retirement and growth. The lights in the sanatorium seldom burned in the last decade at night and few slept for six. A balanced diet has been established for this condition, with special attention to energy foods and nerves, to the increase of vitamin B complex, to iron and especially to hot air, to mineral salts.

Boredom was averted like a plague. Patients were encouraged and helped to occupy most of the day with physical and mental activities that kept them completely. However, such activities have always been productive and have not been useless in the sense of movement. It would be better to get your exercises from sowing, weeding and planting the harvest in the garden, starting with the repetition of the knee and the exercises with the fingers. To pass to Creation is the fundamental right of nature.

The chronic chronic fatigues relief program includes daily cold (6 °), thorax and back joints. The meetings proved to be particularly successful and were used to relieve aches and pains of unused muscles, although those muscles were more active. The pads brought a quick relief when they were used at night for painful and tired body parts. The youth cocktail was named daily.

The most important means of any natural reduction of fatigue is the use of contact with air and soil. Barefoot walks in shorts or sun suits when weather expeditions and outdoor activities have proven to be the most reliable way to meet bodily needs throughout the year, causing fatigue.

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