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Importance of eye contact in modern times

Importance of eye contact in modern times

Research has again and again shown that although the eyes may not be the window of the soul, they really play an important role in transmitting information.

Non-verbal communication is a big part of our interaction, and eye contact is the main non-verbal communication method for interest, attention,

commitment and participation.

Nonverbal communication

Non-verbal communication is a continuous process that, by encoding and decoding cues without words (deliberately or unconsciously), allows individuals to transmit

Quick Information We do this every day, often without even realizing it, for example, when you lift two fingers when you tell your barista how many espresso coffee photos

You want your coffee or way how you read a person’s body language when you first meet them. These silent exchanges are in many ways

our relationship and often helps to define the nature of these relationships.

In the final body language book, co-authors Alan and Barbara disappear as a percentage of the non-verbal communication; 83%, 11%

Ears, 3% odor, 2% touch and 1% taste. Recognition is a critical basis for non-verbal communication; be able to decipher gestures and signals

Another person Often the first encounter or impression can have a profound effect on the perception of another, so the person’s appearance at the initial collision may have

Long-term consequences for any kind of relationship.

The role of eyes in non-verbal signs

The study, published by Sage Journals, found that the first impression, based on a quick test, takes ten seconds. The study was also found

that when the research participants were given more time to make their decisions, they simply trusted a quick decision. The first impression is this.

visually less than four seconds of decoding of physical characteristics and gestures, which can affect the behavior of the decoder for a longer period of time.


Most people carefully choose their clothing to make the right impression. While overall personal presentation is important, the face and

Especially the eyes where most people seek to get evidence. Eyes, like body centers, are naturally attracted by the eyes of the person they face


What your eyes say about you

In the first impression or subsequent interactions, only the area around the eye can interact with many different things: unfortunately, they are

Not always positive. Things like dark wheels and bags under the eyes can transmit exhaustion, lack of energy and irritability. These are not the features you usually want

Exudate, but for people with hereditary eye bags and / or dark circles, it may be difficult to overcome this social barrier using natural methods.

How to design trust and vitality

Many people are trying to hide their eye defects by hiding. This can be a daunting task every day and, if applicable, a wrong task.

Cosmetology for beginners is especially difficult to lift under the eyes as they design a shadow that can stand out even more when the surrounding skin is covered

Hiding However, using skin fillers can make the eye bags heavier.

For under-eye treatment, the cavity filler is usually injected into the area of ​​the rupture canal, and then formed to capture a single dose and to be more consistent.

Radiesse-based calcium hydroxylate based fillers can be especially useful for those who have eye bags and dark wheels, such as white,

The opaque calcium particles suspended in the filler may have a gloss on the skin. The results of the skin filler injection can only start in one

Few moments that allow people to see the difference almost immediately. The careless attention of the hand and dark circles can be the first impressions

It is based on more positive features and reflects a safer face.

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