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Kidney Disease: More Than You Think

Kidney Disease: More Than You Think

He must have heard of chronic kidney disease, which takes the lives of many people around him. The title is not so unknown or not? Terms such as kidney transplantation, dialysis, kidney failure have become common in the medical field, and many people have problems for many reasons that can be explained and unexplained. But the most important thing is that you need to know what really causes kidney disease and what to do if diagnosed.

So let’s start with the basic idea of ​​chronic kidney disease, followed by its symptoms and ultimately the treatment. Now, if you didn’t know, your kidneys play a very important role in your body. They are at the end of the abdominal cavity and their function is to remove unwanted toxins, balance chemical neutrality (acid-base balance) and filter blood plasma (through main processes such as Filtration, reabsorption, secretion). and excretion). The nephrons in the kidneys are basically those who perform these works, and therefore this organ is vital.

There are times when your kidneys can’t do the best and there are reasons why this happens. Diseases such as Diabetes and high blood pressure are more likely to interfere with kidney function. This also happens if you experience a past urinary tract infection (UTI). Some other problems, such as heart attack, are also sometimes responsible for this. In summary, it is about the way of life that you are guiding and how it affects not one but different systems of your body.

Let’s see how you can really find out if you have chronic kidney disease by understanding these symptoms.

In the first days you may notice:

• Loss of appetite

• nausea

• vomiting

• Change of urination

• Muscle cramps

Although you may find that there are acute:

• Diarrhea

• Back pain

• Swelling of the legs and ankles.

• Fatigue

• hypertension

• chest pain

Although these symptoms may recur with other diseases, we recommend that you visit a doctor to treat chronic kidney disease as this may be due to the same problem. The fact that your kidney health depends on your lifestyle in general becomes a fundamental understanding of the fragility of the situation.

Although chronic kidney disease has several treatments that guarantee a successful cure, chances are that it will appear deadly and will take away life when it is expected to be the lowest. So, first of all, the treatment option you can start is to control blood pressure, eat healthy and follow a lifestyle that in no way puts stress on your body.

You can also eat lots of potassium-rich foods such as spinach, bananas and yogurt.

Chronic kidney disease (at its last stage) has only variants such as kidney transplantation or dialysis as a chance to survive, although there is no guarantee that it will be successful and, in fact, it may lose its life.

It is therefore important that you look at your lifestyle and make sure that you do not harm your kidney health for the benefit of your life. Chronic kidney disease nowadays becomes more widespread due to lifestyle changes that people have adapted to emphasize their body and it is important that they learn about how it ultimately affects their health.

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