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Most common phobias

Most common phobias

Phobia is an illogical and extremely fear of a thing or situation, report the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Most often, phobia means a sense of danger or
fear of harm. For example, a person suffering from agoraphobia fears that they will be caught in an inevitable place or situation.

Here are the 10 most common phobias:

Agoraphobia: This is a fairly common phobia. Almost 2 percent Americans are victims of agoraphobia. This is the fear of open or overloaded spaces. He creates a vicious
circle and the victim gets panic attacks when he approaches any event that needs to face such circumstances.
Acrophobia: This is the fear of the highlands. This is an irrational fear of the highlands or fear of falling. About 10 percent US residents suffer from acrophobia. In
severe cases, the victim may experience panic attacks.
Aerophobia: There is fear of flying. Nearly 6.5 percent The world population has this fear. This phobia is closely related to agoraphobia and claustrophobia (fear of
small and limited spaces). In extreme cases, this can affect a person’s professional and personal life when air transportation becomes inevitable.
Mythophobia: This is the fear of bacteria. This fear is similar to an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). A person can suffer from these two disorders at the same
time. Those who suffer are often in isophobia.
Claustrophobia: Fear of small spaces, this phobia is widespread, as 5-7 percent. World population suffers from claustrophobia. This phobia is associated with fear of
suppression or fear of limiting. Very few patients seek treatment in this phobia, and most cure them.
Cinophobia: The fear of dogs is called cinophobia. Many people fear dogs and there is no harm in it. However, cinophobia is an extreme and rare fear of dogs. It is one
of the most common animal phobias in the world. It is estimated that about 36 percent of Patients treat cinophobia.
Trypophobia: This is the fear of holes. It seems absurd to fear holes, but just a little bit of a hole in the hole is enough to hit the panic button when it gets quite
restless and almost reaches the edge of the collapse.
Astroobia: The fear of thunder and lightning is called asteroidia. It is true that thunder and lightning can even boldly start to hide, but for a person suffering from
asthma, this is a completely different case. From childhood onwards, this fear can last until adulthood.
Ophidophobia: Fear of snakes is called ashidophobia. One can think about how to fear a snake as a phobia, because almost everyone is afraid of animals. However, people
suffering from this phobia cannot enjoy walking, camping and related activities.
Arachnophobia: Fear of the web causes a lot of people in society, 30.5 percent. They live alone in the US UU This is a special fear for cobwebs and other spiders such
as scorpions. This causes great disruption to the victims.
Phobia Management

A little bit of fear and phobia is normal. However, when it goes beyond control and begins to influence a person’s daily activities, it becomes a concern. Phobias are
mental conditions that correspond to intervention. You need to see a psychiatrist if he is faced with any extreme phobia. In fact, phobias are mainly related to
anxiety disorder in a person.

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