Kidney Disease: More Than You Think


Kidney Disease Kidney Disease: More Than You Think He must have heard of chronic kidney disease, which takes the lives of many people around him. The title is not so unknown or not? Terms such as kidney transplantation, dialysis, kidney failure have become common in the medical field, and many …

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Symptoms of anxiety and solution


anxiety  Symptoms of anxiety and solutions. The stressed mind and body use the symptoms of anxiety to alert them to these difficulties. Basically, it comes with symptoms, with the hope that he will recognize it and take the appropriate measures to reduce the difficulty. It is a way to …

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Stressful anxiety


Stressful anxiety Stressful anxiety Get two sandwiches quickly. Arish said that he was very hungry at the time of midnight 12.30 am and we have gone to hotel to remove our night requirements, it was a warm summer night and the place was full because it was Ramadan. They came …

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Where is the rage


Anger Where is the rage Our psyche deepens logic and common sense and takes over our brain. We all felt, and sometimes it started with fear or jealousy. If it is allowed to intensify, it becomes anger that can lead to death, suicide, or both. Recently, in many cases, this …

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Anxiety – Types, Causes and Treatment


Anxiety Anxiety – Types, Causes and Treatment We all feel anxious at some point, whether you feel uncomfortable, nervous or tense. It is quite natural to feel restless and, in fact, to some extent, it can have good results, such as toning a big game or raising awareness of a …

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What is allergy?


What is Allergy What is allergy? One of the three that we are wonderful is allergic to something, and almost half of allergies are allergic to food. So, if you have one or suspect that you, whether pollen, peanuts, crustaceans, milk or wheat, you are not alone. With an allergy, …

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Don’t use poisonous shampoos and foods

Poisonuos Food

 Don’t use poisonous shampoos and foods A healthy lifestyle doesn’t always mean eating our vegetables. Today’s world is breaking our toxins every day because we are surrounded by pollution. Toxic waves from our mobile phones and microwave ovens, oil spills that destroy the oceans, the use of aluminum oxide …

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Stop smoking: what happens if it does not end?

No Smoking

No Smoking Stop smoking: what happens if it does not end? Have you ever wondered what would happen if I did not stop smoking? Because smokers have all shapes, sizes and emotional states and differ in mental strength, like any other group. Some people come to my hypnosis clinic, everyone …

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