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Stressful anxiety

Stressful anxiety

Get two sandwiches quickly. Arish said that he was very hungry at the time of midnight 12.30 am and we have gone to hotel to remove our night requirements, it was a
warm summer night and the place was full because it was Ramadan. They came to the sandwich before the time came for Suhoor (Islamic term food to eat before fasting). I
saw a lot of people going to the counter, Arish already settled in the corner corner. When I started walking on the counter, I could feel my heart racing, now I was in
the queue of two guys, suddenly felt self-consciousness, and I was overcome by fear, previously worried, but nothing like that. Like all the eyes on me, I kept in mind
that my thoughts distracted myself, but I didn’t help, and when my turn was in line, the words didn’t leave my mouth. I looked at the boy for a fight until he asked me
more than I wanted to. I knew what I wanted, it was nothing new, I was in this place a million times before. The air conditioner worked fine but very sweaty. I turned
around and walked back to where Arish was sitting. I broke my promise of silence, saying to him that I cannot order aloud. It was good when we arrived, but here I was
scared. I could feel that my heart was bunching in my chest as my heart burst. Arish tried to calm me, but I couldn’t say or do anything to convince me to come back.
Excited and confused, he rose and ordered. Where did these feelings come from? Why is he so worried and why does he panic? The panic attack lasted about five minutes,
but these five minutes looked like eternity. Arish returned and tried to calm me down. I wanted to leave, but he demanded to stay. At the end of the panic attack, I
felt exhausted and numb. Traveling at home was uncomfortable and, on the way, I felt uncomfortable. Will it ever improve? Why can’t I be like all the other youngsters?
My thoughts were as disoriented as I was.

Nasty Sisters:

Not surprisingly, I had social anxiety with panic disorder. But I never had them. So why now? The answer I found was heavy enough to digest. My depression was the
culprit. Depression has caused anxiety disorder. But can one have more than one disorder? Well, the answer is bright big yes! In fact, it is quite common for people
suffering from one of the two conditions to develop another. I was surprised to find that there is even a medical term for this phenomenon. When a person has more than
one disorder, it is called “comorbidity”. Comorbidity is best described as a disease or condition that is the result of a primary disease or is strongly associated
with it. In my case, depression was the primary disease and anxiety was his incidence. The connection between anxiety and depression is complex, but simply anxiety is
the belief that everything can go wrong and worsen the future; it is accompanied by the activation of feelings and sensations, and depression is the belief that
nothing will be good and that feelings will continue from despair and uselessness. Both have different results, but they act on the same neurotransmitters, so they
produce an almost identical pattern of thought. Sometimes they even have the same physical symptoms. This is the reason why I like to call them ugly sisters because it
is likely that after one visit to another.

Is there a cure?

The good thing about these nasty sisters is that both are incredibly treated, and if we want to commit to effective treatment, the likelihood of these two options
occurring may be reduced. If you are anxious, depressed or both you know, they can cure and you can also find relief. I overcame my anxiety when I undertook to find
treatment for depression and got the right help. If anxiety has taken over your life, you can always change it to find the right medical help. Remember, there is no
need for shame when you need help when you need it. We are all inclined to health and can experience one of our moments of life. Your mental health is as important as
your physical health, and if I can defeat the unsightly sister, you can.

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