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Suitability of cardio for the elderly

Suitability of cardio for the elderly

It is necessary to understand the pressure that the heart and lungs have on overweight and lack of cardio exercise. Both are suitable for people over 70, since many tend to sit, eat more and enjoy board games, or like me, on a computer. The number of session hours is very unhealthy, and one day my voice told me to join the gym. It was totally unexpected and the best thing was to obey this voice.

This voice is well known to me for the memories of reincarnation and the relationship with the Universal Spirit, the true God. He gave me a job so I spend long hours on my computer. During the last 30 years, only gardening and hiking activities have been carried out, without tasks.

Now the team was accepted and the local gym opened my arms. In addition to the two-week fee for $ 38, well affordable, there are PT classes that have a healthy heart. It happens twice a week and is basically very nice.

The exercise is simple and takes 45 minutes of small weights, steps and movements of the ball, such as throwing and catching. Sometimes there are some square dance moves that help balance. Stretching and muscle flexion have become my routine.

On other days, the gym offers all kinds of equipment for those who want to work on cardio exercise. For me, the bicycle is my favorite, although many enjoy walking and paddling in machines. Other equipment allows stretching the muscles of the neck, back and legs, which are also useful.

One of my achievements and the ability to ascend from the earth when I cross, is the creation of muscles that have disappeared in years of inactivity. From the beginning of this place, my balance improved to the point that there were no falls in the house, but before I left and fell on any path of my path.

This is something that older people have to consider. Do not sit and wait until death reaches you, but you will have fun in physical training and show the world what it is. Another benefit for me were the great friends that work, this is a real bonus.

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