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Symptoms, treatment and prevention of dengue fever

Symptoms, treatment and prevention of dengue fever

Dengue fever is an agonizing and ineffective infection of the mosquito caused by any of the four infections strongly related to dengue. These infections are identified with

Infections that cause contamination of the West of the Nile and yellow fever.

Each year, 390 million dengue diseases can occur worldwide, approximately 96 million. Disease Most cases occur in tropical regions of the world,

The greatest danger is:

Indian subcontinent

Southeast Asia

South China


Pacific Islands

Caribbean (except Cuba and the Cayman Islands)



Focus and South America (except Chile, Paraguay and Argentina)

In most cases, the United States succeeds people who are infected abroad. In any case, the danger extends to living people.

along the Texas-Mexico border and parts of South America. 2009 Key West, Fla, was recognized as a dengue episode.

Dengue fever is transmitted from Aedes mosquitoes, covered by dengue infection. The end of mosquitoes is noticeably contaminated when it shrinks.

Dengue infection It can not extend from one individual to another.

Dengue fever

Descriptions that usually start four to six days after contamination and last up to 10 days.

Sudden fever

Severe cerebral pains

Anger through the eyes.

Severe torture of joints and muscles.


The illness


Skin rash that appears between two and five days after the onset of fever.

Soft matrices (such as nasal leaks, drainage or simple lesions)

Part of the time, the indications are soft and can be mixed with this season’s cold virus or other viral contamination. Younger children and individuals

Those who have never been contaminated tend to have milder cases than younger adults and more experienced adults. Either way, it can have big problems.

They are covered with hemorrhagic fever, rare weakness, as evidenced by high fever, lymphatic and vein damage, nose and gums.

Frustration of the liver and circulatory system. Expressions can reach an enormous, shocking and close death. This is called dysphagia


It is recognized that people with a weak security system, as well as those who have suffered dysentery, are at greater risk due to the appearance of the cover.

hemorrhagic fever.

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