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Do tobacco companies really agree that smoking is not beneficial?

Do tobacco companies really agree that smoking is not beneficial?

Smokers believe that smoking helps them relax, concentrate, get rid of stress and suppress appetite. Cigarettes do not, and tobacco companies agree.

That’s good, in fact, since 1964. Every day of the week, tobacco companies have rightly shown that smoking has no benefit that millions of smokers cheated on thinking
they had.

Since the publication of the First Surgeon General Report in 1964 Tobacco companies have been trying to find tens of millions of dollars for research. It should be
easy, right? I’m talking about smokers around the world who think that it helps them relax, relieve stress, focus, boredom and many more.

So far, tobacco companies have found that smoking is not useful with all their research. It does not help to relax, stress, concentrate, boredom or anything, no matter
how much you think it is done.

In the United States, freedom of expression says that as far as what we say is true and can be proven, we can say or declare what we want.

Do you think that if smoking is proven to help people relax, suppress their appetite or concentrate, would tobacco companies say it in every cigarette, box, magazine,
or TV ad package? Better if you believe. However, tobacco companies did not submit any of these statements. And they will never be. They cannot be what is illegal.
There are no evidence in the hundreds of clinical trials that these things are right.

So here we have tobacco companies whose job is to get the most benefit from a person who is not allowed to advertise to smokers, the same thing that smokers think is
smoking for them. Looks a little crazy, don’t you agree?

We too comprise to see at the other debate. If you could never tell about it, how did hell smokers to believe those things? This powerful tobacco association has been
anxiously manipulating unconscious associations and conscious relationships with good feelings such as emotions, love, warmth, trust, and other strong emotions.

They practically used the fact that legally they could not say these things openly and openly, as a good reason to pass these things quietly and secretly.

Ultimately, in order for everyone to become a successful and happy non-smoker, these beliefs and associations must be broken down and deconstructed. When they are,
they are almost incapable of smoking.

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