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Where is the rage

Where is the rage

Our psyche deepens logic and common sense and takes over our brain. We all felt, and sometimes it started with fear or jealousy. If it is allowed to intensify, it becomes anger that can lead to death, suicide, or both. Recently, in many cases, this scenario is important to understand how and why it happens. Rage is not good for human health .

In most of these cases, the end result is revenge. The emotions that cause this are the sensation of losing the crime and the feeling of hatred.

Last month in Australia, we saw grandfather murder his entire family before committing suicide. Seven people of all, including wife, daughter and four grandchildren. Although this shook the nation, the father who killed his two teenage children before turning his gun.

Both cases were followed by custody in a court where two men lost. But his rage continued to months of planning. In the case of his father, he joined the shooting club to obtain a license to acquire weapons. It took weeks or even months.

There were other signs for Grandpa because he became violent when the end was over. The outcome of the trial may have been unrelated to his final document, but there is evidence that jealousy or fear is planned.

Another case is the recent newspaper Gazda Gazette Annapolis (USA). This involved the death of five people, but the shooter survived and was arrested. He committed a business after the court could not get compensation.

There are many murders not related to the results of the trial, for example, when a partner is killed by his previous or current lover. The causes are not always clear, but many are motivated by jealousy and / or fear, especially if the relationship is divided.

The question is how to avoid being killed or killed? Each case is different and each result is equally unpredictable. However, women are more vulnerable because they are weaker than both. Therefore, the response should be reflected in the characters shown.

It is likely that someone who plans such a result has mood swings and other things that indicate a change in their thinking. While it is not possible to give positive answers, the best approach is to encourage a person to think about what is happening instead of acting because the force in him stops the mind and logic.

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